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Limitless Realities

On August 10th, after a temporary five-month closure, Indefinite Arts Centre reopened our doors to IAC artists by offering a three-week workshop facilitated by Calgary Artist Teresa Tam.  Our workshop asked a simple but powerful question: if you could step inside an alternative reality that understands you better, what kind of a world would you…

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Many of our online sessions will be done via Zoom, a free program that you can download onto your computer, mobile phone, or tablet device. Don’t have those options? You can also join with your phone. Click below for a step-by-step guide on how to access our Zoom sessions: How To Guide for DesktopHow To…

IAC + You: Your Program Guide

We’re thrilled to be launching Indefinite Arts Centre + You, your guide to the range of programs and supports we will be rolling out in the coming days and weeks in support of our amazing artists. Click below for the online readable format, or click here to download a PDF version of the guide. Always make sure…

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